How to Leave a Group on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Groups have become viral these days, which is being utilized by the same family members, friends, and colleagues to keep in touch with everyone all the time.  As, the WhatsApp group members can share images, videos, instant text messages, voice messages as well as other supported file which will be visible to all group members and all can share thoughts about it. Moreover, if are having a love status for whatsApp that also will be available to all group members so better to keep it safe if you don’t want to them. However, sometimes people get fed up of receiving non-stop notifications, as soon as any of the group members shares anything in it. Also, some time because of some annoying participants of any group you are in but wants to leave it.

So, leaving or exiting any group you are added is a very simple few seconds process, all thanks to the amazing developer skills, who have provided this feature for any users to exit any group without letting anyone know about it. Yes, it’s true you leave any WhatsApp group with even the permission of that group admin, this is part of this mighty popular social app privacy policy for its users. Therefore, people who are sick of being part of any group they don’t want to be a part, just exit that group and have a sigh of relief from those group members and their annoying messages and file sharing’s.

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Here is How You Can Leave a Group on WhatsApp:

  1. Open latest version of WhatsApp
  2. Browse for WhatsApp group from the main chat interface
  3. Press and hold on Group Name, You want to leave
  4. Click on Exit Group

This is it, you have successfully leave a WhatsApp group by the mere three, four clicks – it’s as simple as that.

Although, there are some other ways by which you can stop receiving notification from any group you are in, but if you completely just don’t want to be part of any group it’s up to you – simply exit from it. This is how any of the registered profile users of WhatsApp can exit from a group he/she doesn’t want to be part of due to any reason and focus on other activities over the most used applications of their choice – as the app offers such amazing bunch of feature or its esteem users.

Hence, by opt to exit from one or multiple groups you being part for no matter how long, just decide and leave it once for all and remain part of those you like being participant of – to enjoy your presence by receiving instant messages and files from people matter to you the most.


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